"Paige in History" is a rare and engrossing case of historical fiction synergizing with sci-fi in page-turning fashion.Meadows creates a strong young female lead and manages to bring legendary scientist Nikola Tesla to life in a period-perfect piece that young adults will relish even as they learn a thing or two. – D. Snow


"Erin Meadow's novel "Paige in History" weaves many surprising threads - time travel, teenage angst, Nikola Tesla, mobsters, to name a few - into a powerful story that's both entertaining and enlightening. Crossing a bunch of genres, the characters in this tale are so alive they can't simply fit into one category. Is this science fiction? Historical fiction? Coming of age story? All the above and much more. Here’s hoping we see Page again very soon!" – D. Rowan


A great page (no pun intended) turner. The characters are well thought out, the story's not too far fetched and there's much to learn about 1906 that we could use now. I want a sequel. – Mad Keen



Paige Bishop, a teenage cross between Lara Croft and Marie Curie, prepares to launch herself into another space-time dimension.  She’s understandably reticent, the first person to rest her father’s invention, imploded on site.  The gruesome failure led scientists to conclude that only younger biological tissue could survive the procedure.


Paige, determined to save her dying father’s program, volunteers herself for the mission.  With so much on the line, it’s no longer enough to prove that time travel is possible.  Paige is also tasked with tracking down her intellectual icon, the enigmatic Nikola Tesla, and “acquiring” his research on clean energy, a feat that could save future generations from the threat of Climate Change.


Turns out New York city, circa 1906, is a lot more dangerous than you’d think.  It’s a nasty shock for a modern girl who never leaves the house without a cell phone.  As Paige navigates her way around her low-tech surroundings, she stumbles into the lives of rich industrialists, conniving thieves, and murderous gangs.  Will her twenty-first century know-how and physical stamina be enough to get her through?


Join Paige on her roller coaster adventure and meet the colorful characters that are still impacting our lives today.  In this fast paced novel, Erin Meadows weaves historical fact with exciting fiction and proves that female protagonists can be smart, strong and still so endearing that you can’t wait to know what happens next. 


What if Mermaids were real?  


What do they think of their terrestrial cousins?  How do they feel about offshore drilling, nuclear testing, ocean acidification, plastic pollution, and overfishing?  


These Mers are not Disney damsels.  These are dark warriors determined to deliver justice.  


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